The Toppers Pizza Place Project: Dealing with Restaurant Signage

The best restaurants capture customers’ hearts with great-tasting food. But their dining experience isn’t just about the food they take in. Ambiance is an essential factor in creating a good dining experience. That’s where we can help. Here’s how we did it for one of our clients, the Topper’s Pizza Place.

Fun and Comfortable

The company wanted to create an environment that was fun but wasn’t formal in any way. The restaurant had to come across as one of the best family-friendly spot in town, if not the perfect choice for everyone. Since it already had brick walls—which were a perfect match, seeing as pizza was the main selling point on the menu—all it needed were a few touches to give it that homey, welcoming feel. This gave us the idea to go with simple designs that would emphasize that family-friendliness, like the casualness of grabbing pizza with pals on a Friday night or duking it out with family for the last slice.

Murals and Signs

We added in signs and murals with round, red, juicy tomatoes to match the Toppers Pizza Place logo, which featured a tomato. In other locations, we added that same tomato on top of a neon sign, above the words “Eat More Pizza,” rendered in a downward style and an arrow conveniently pointing to the door of the restaurant, to leave no doubt in customers’ minds on where they should go if they wanted to grab a bite of pizza. From neon signs, channel letter signs, and painted signs, along with murals and a restaurant sign, Dave’s Signs handled all the signage work for Toppers Pizza Place.

All-Around Services

We are a one-stop shop for all your signage needs. So if you want a convenient signage solution, no worries. Whether you need indoor or exterior signs, we have the expertise and facilities necessary to provide you with everything you need, from design and fabrication to installation and service. We also go the extra mile for you, helping you deal with contractors and city sign permits to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on delivering great signage solutions. Our quick response-times, lineup of available services, and ability to handle an entire range of requests have made us a reliable name in the industry. That’s the service we provided Toppers Pizza Place, and it’s the same one we offer to you. So if you need a full-service signage company, let us know. We’ll help you find the right tone and vibe for your signs to create a look that matches your restaurant’s taste and branding personality in every way.

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