Tips For Choosing The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Home cleaning

There are several different choices when it comes to choosing a cleaner. For some people, the best multi-purpose cleaner is the lowest cost product that does a fairly good job. For others, it is the quality of the cleaning that is the most important factor. In fact, there really doesn’t have to be a trade-off as there are products on the market that already meet those two requirements.

The reality is that most people have a false assumption of what makes a good cleaner. Many products today use highly toxic compounds and chemicals in their formulation to achieve mediocre cleaning results. However, because they contain specific chemicals such as ammonia or bleach, people assume they are a better cleaning product.

There are products on the market that show that the best multi-purpose cleaner doesn’t have to be toxic. It can be a product that is completely non-toxic and safe for use in homes with babies, toddlers and pets. These products are designed to provide safe, quality and effective cleaning without any harmful residue or chemicals, something that is often overlooked with the readily available commercial chemical cleaning products.

Safety Issues

To achieve both a deep cleaning as well as a surface shine, many people combine different cleaning products. For example, it may be a common practice to clean out the bathroom with a bleach product and then follow with a glass or tile cleaner afterward. However, if the glass or tile cleaner contains ammonia, and any bleach is present, dangerous fumes can be released.

These fumes can result in respiratory problems, coughing, eye irritation or more serious symptoms with those with sensitivities. They can also cause itchy, red patches and dry skin, particularly for children, toddlers and infants.

The chemical in commercial cleaners, in addition to the ones mentioned, are flushed in sewer systems and out into the environment, posing risks for wildlife, marine life and safety of water sources.

Cleaning Power

The best multi-purpose cleaner offers top cleaning power without the need for the chemicals and reagents in the readily available commercial products. Instead, these products use ingredients that are non-toxic, leaving no traces of toxins in the home and adding no toxins and harmful chemicals to the environment.

These products leave a completely clean surface in the bathroom, kitchen, on appliances and electronics as well as on hardwood floors. Simple, easy to use and effective, they are the modern choice for a clean and healthy home.

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