The Three Reasons Why Illinois Driver’s Licenses Are Revoked or Suspended

In all 50 states, which collectively make up the United States of America, drivers are legally required to carry driver’s licenses, which are obtained through a combination of one or more practical, on-the-road, driving tests and their computer-based cousins that only studying can help you pass. In many cases, driver’s licenses are suspended because people fail to pay court and other legal fees. Other instances result in license revocation, which is harder to get back and typically doesn’t result from simply failing to pay fines. Open up your brain and get ready to learn about suspended and revoked driver’s licenses in Chicago.

Driving Under the Influence Is a Serious Charge – That’s Why Illinois Treats It as Such

In Illinois, as in most states, being found guilty of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point of impairment results in a license suspension in Illinois. Further, people under 21 years of age who are found with any alcohol in their systems, whether it’s detected by a breathalyzer, blood, or other test, have their licenses taken away, too.

Not Showing Up in Court

Failing to attend court in any state results in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. In some states, such as Illinois, the state government takes away delinquent people’s driver’s licenses by suspending them. When you get help from Johnson & Goldrich P.C. on your quest to reinstate your license in Chicago, you could prevent this from happening or stop such efforts in their tracks through the firm’s array of legal tricks and tools.

When Getting Your Permit, You Need to Adhere to Rules

In Illinois, the rules associated with training for your driver’s license are called Graduated Driver Licensing rules. Failing to adhere to these rules can get you in serious trouble, including fines on top of the fact that your license is soon to be suspended.

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