Signs That a Vehicle May Need Auto Transmission Service in Louisville KY

Automatic transmissions bring ease of use and convenience to one’s daily commute, but there’s a potential for failure. Those who drive cars with automatic transmissions may wonder what happens when the system starts to fail. Below are several signs of transmission failure that shouldn’t be ignored.

Gear Slippage

When an automatic transmission starts to slip, it may feel as if the car changes gears randomly and for no reason at all. Engine noise may change in volume or pitch, and some engines emit a whining noise. Some cars seem to lose power and acceleration when transmission slippage occurs, and the driver should bring it in for Auto Transmission Service Louisville KY as soon as possible.

Hard Shifting

Along with gear slippage, as described above, some cars experience hard shifting. The car may feel as if it’s reluctant to change gears normally, and shifts may not be smooth. In some cases, the driver may hear or feel a thud or clunk when the transmission shifts and others may notice that the car has a hard time accelerating.

Leaking Fluid

Most transmissions are sealed units, and they shouldn’t lose fluid. If a driver notices greasy spots on their garage floor or driveway, they should get the car checked out as soon as possible. The technician will follow factory specifications when refilling transmission fluid, to prevent issues related to overfilling.

Warning Lights

If the transmission warning light is illuminated, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. However, if the light is accompanied by any of the symptoms listed above, the vehicle should be professionally diagnosed. Warning lights usually mean that the engine computer is emitting an error code, which can be checked with diagnostic equipment in a shop.

Considerations for Repair

The cost of transmission repair depends on the nature of the work and the car’s make and model. Work can cost anywhere from $150 for a replacement solenoid, to $2500 or more for a complete replacement. To know more about us visit our website.

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