The Stages of Selling Your Company

Whether you want to sell because of high profitability or stress, choosing to sell your company can be an overwhelming process without the right information. You have a lot of information that needs to be collected before you’re even ready to advertise the sale of your company to potential buyers. Knowing what steps to take during the selling process is the key to finding the right buyer for your company.


The first step you want to take towards selling your business is determining the overall value of your company. Your company’s value is determined by the potential for growth, current profitability, and assets. Once you have the amounts of each of these areas, you are able to determine how much your company is worth minimally to potential buyers.

Gather Information

The next thing you need to do is gather all pertinent information about your company. You should have a complete analysis of the history of your company, which can easily be done by a business-selling advisors in the St. Cloud, MN area. While you maintain the day-to-day operations of your business, an advisor is able to gather the confidential information needed to make the most of your sale.


Once you’ve obtained the necessary information about your company, either you or your advisors can quietly attempt to make contact with potential buyers. You may want to let your advisor handle the sale at this point, because you could lose sales and profitability with your current customers if they know you are selling. An advisor can keep your sale confidential from customers, while they appeal to the right buyers in your market. With an organized plan of action, you can provide your potential buyer with a complete assessment of your business summary.

Completing the Sale

Finding the right buyer for your company is a difficult process as well, since not all of the interested buyers are qualified to handle your company. Since the buyer may have to qualify for a loan, the banker should be able to determine if their business plans and credit history justify the amount they want to borrow to take over your business. You may want to establish certain pre-qualifications to save the time you would spend interviewing and meeting with the wrong potential buyers. Once you have the buyer, setup a meeting to discuss any negotiations either party to close the deal.

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