19,000 to 50,000: What is the Most Suitable Excavator Equipment Rental For a Typical Project

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Business

Many construction firms, both small and large, find it a lot more reasonable to rent their equipment. This is specifically so for large equipment that is cumbersome to store and too valuable to keep out in an accessible location. There is a long transitional period many construction companies go through. They are too small to purchase excavation equipment, but they are too large to do daily rentals. The projects go on too long, and the progress must continue to meet customer demand.

An Excavator Rental in Baltimore MD is the best way to go. Rentals for excavation equipment can be found ranging from the zero swings 19,000 lb. option to a 60,000 lb. monster. The weight of the Excavator Rental in Baltimore MD will coincide with the scale of the project, and how much power is needed.

The Most Popular Weight

The most popular weight for an excavator rental is about 25,000 lbs. Most professionals consider this weight the most versatile available. It is easy-to-use because it is not scaled up to the bulky and unmanageable 30,000 lb. level (unmanageable for novices, certainly). But, it is by no means an industry lightweight, and can manage many industrial projects that no 19,000 lb. excavator could do.

The Ideal Heavyweight

Many customers will skip up to a 40,000 lb. excavator, instead of opting for one in the range of 25,000 to 30,000 lbs. The one main reason is visibility. The larger equipment has an incredible range of visibility, and the lofty seats are able to see a large span of the project site. Ultimately, excavation rentals at 35,000 lbs. and 40,000 lbs. are the most popular. Rentals can be found all the way to 70,000 lbs. or more, but these are specialty projects on an incredibly large scale.

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