The Reciprocating Bitzer AC Compressor and Its Benefits

In commercial air conditioning, you’ll find several types of compressors and Bitzer is one of the best. Some Bitzer AC compressor models are screw type while others are reciprocating. The reciprocating models provide certain benefits and here is more on this kind of compressor.

Piston Action

Reciprocating compressors utilize pistons in cylinders, similar to the way most internal combustion motors operate. This is a proven design which has withstood the test of time for more than a century. In order for the compressor to work, the piston (mounted on a crankshaft) moves downward and because it has seals (piston rings) this creates a suction which brings in refrigerant in gas form. However, instead of burning gas, an AC compressor is turned by an electric motor.

As the piston moves upward it compresses the gas and pumps it through condenser coils. After the gas condenses in the coils, heat is removed by a fan blowing through the coils. This turns the refrigerant to a liquid. Next the liquid enters a set of evaporator coils where it is evaporates and returns to gas form. Because evaporating gas removes heat, the warmed liquid passes through the condenser coils again and the cycle repeats over and over, essentially removing warm air and turning it into cool air. This is basically what a reciprocating Bitzer AC compressor does. However, Bitzer compressors feature a semi hermetic design.

What Does Semi Hermetic Mean?

To understand the importance of semi hermetic compressors, let’s look at what a hermetic compressor is. Hermetically sealed compressors are completely sealed units. If you need to service them for any reason, you are out of luck. When hermetic compressors start acting up your only recourse is to replace them. Rebuilding is not usually an option.

On the other hand, semi hermetic compressors are not totally sealed off. These compressors can easily be serviced and taken apart. If the unit wears out it can be remanufactured to perform as good as new and provide the user with many years of dependable service. Here are some additional benefits of semi hermetic compressors:

 * Designed for both indoor and outdoor use – most hermetic compressors do not perform well in outdoor environments.
 * Cost effective – you have the option of buying remanufactured units which can save you a lot of money.
 * Compact – semi hermetic compressors do not take up a great deal of space.
 * Can use alternative refrigerants

Why Commercial Cooling with Reciprocating Compressors?

If you are interested in dependable service and easy maintenance, consider cooling units driven by a Bitzer AC compressor. Bitzer is a trusted name in the business and you should experience few problems over the years with a semi hermetic reciprocating compressor.

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