Different Ways That SERVPRO Can Aid Property Owners in Times of Distress

There are several types of accidental damage or naturally occurring events that can cause severe destruction to both residential and commercial structures. This can include the water damage and toxins left behind by flooding, structural instability and detrimental effects of a fire, or the structural and facade devastation that can result from a tornado. In any of these cases, property owners can try to remedy the problem themselves, but are typically overwhelmed by the severity of the situation. This is where the experts from SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland are invaluable. Their 24/7 emergency service, combined with a thorough understanding of how to remove, clean, and rebuild damaged materials, makes them a dependable commodity when disaster strikes.

Many people only associate SERVPRO with extreme circumstances. The fact is, the company has diligently trained its staff to tackle issues that most individuals never worry about until they directly affected. A prime example is the staff’s knowledge of proper sewage water decontamination and restoration. When a sewer pipe backs up, the average homeowner will call a drain cleaning service to remove any obstructions from the sewer pipe. This may get water flowing properly again, but these plumbers are not going to clean up any waste that flowed back into or under the house. They are also not trained to handle any water line contamination that may have occurred. The experts at SERVPRO have all the right tools and knowledge to sterilize any contamination, restore the water to a pure state, and implement measures to avoid this problem in the future. Click Here for more information on this service as well as the many other unique restorative procedures the company offers.

The skilled staff at SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland are always readily available to inspect and remove any toxic mold that may be present in a residential or commercial setting. Sometimes, even the cleanest structure will have an area that unknowingly receives excess moisture. When this happens, toxic mold can develop which can be very dangerous for a property owner to try and remove them. Calling the professionals to handle such a situation is the safest and smartest route to take. No home or business owner should put themselves or an untrained employee in harms way just to save a few bucks. Hiring a highly trained team with all the proper equipment to sterilize a dangerous area far outweighs the health risks an average individual may face.

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