The Pros And Cons Of Refinishing Antique Craftsman Doors

Having original Craftsman doors for your home is possible, even if you don’t want to go through the hassle and hard work of tracking down an antique door. There are companies in the United States creating these doors to the same high standards and beautiful designs as the ones made over a hundred years ago in the late 1890s through the early 1900s.

These Craftsman doors, with their crisp, straight lines and squared off panels often feature a dentil shelf, a small and ornate ledge under the small windows across the top of the door. The doors were designed to be solid and durable,and beautiful left as natural wood or painted to match the trim on the Craftsman style homes.

You will find Craftsman doors today on a variety of different styles of homes from more rustic ranchers to custom designed homes. While you may assume these are all antique doors, in most cases they are new doors, just designed with all the care of this unique design style.

Finding Antique Doors

One of the biggest problems most people experience when trying to find authentic, 100 plus year old Craftsman doors is the issue of authenticity. There are a lot of people selling these “antique doors” at a premium price with no verification that they are antiques.

A great many of these doors are weathered and aged in someone’s backyard to create the look of a distressed antique. Unless you know what to look for you may be paying a lot of money for a door that is new and not an antique at all.

Antique Door Problems

If you are fortunate and find authentic antique Craftsman doors, there are often significant issues with the door itself. Unless it has been properly cared for it may have major damages in the form of scrapes and dents. There may be insect damage or damage from the sun and moisture. It is not uncommon for these doors to be warped and twisted because of moisture or drying out or from lack of protection with quality stains and sealants.

To avoid these issues, choosing high quality, carefully constructed new Craftsman doors is the best issue. There are companies making doors with quality in mind, and they produce authentic styles of these doors which can be stained to any color you need to match your home.

It is well worth your time to browse online and look at some of the new Craftsman doors available. You won’t be disappointed, and you will find just the door you want for your front entrance.

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