Great Fundraising Ideas: Match Your Products To the Season

No matter where you go to school in the United States, chances are you have been involved in a fundraising campaign of some sort. Whether you have been on the planning or receiving end, it is hard to escape. While the ability to purchase merchandise from companies is a valuable tool, it is still necessary to come up with great fundraising ideas to help you sell them. Perhaps it would help to think seasonal.

Great Fundraising Ideas Turn with the Seasons

Fundraising tends to be homogenous. It could happen anytime without people discerning the products offered from one year to the next. Chocolate bars are a standard example of this type of approach. Magazines are another.

Great fundraising ideas take the normal and make it unique. They find unusual products that are still desirable by the many and present them in a fashion that is memorable and money-worthy. One way to accomplish this is to look at fundraising in terms of the seasons. This way, you can create a specific event that reflects that specific time of year. You can also arrange to co-ordinate the products to meet this. If you look online, you will find a few select companies that do have at least spring and fall catalogues, these are times that are appropriate to ushering the new and seeing out the old, school year.

Seasonal Suggestions

If you are looking for great fundraising ideas to match a seasonal theme, you might want to glance at least over the following suggestions. Just keep in mind to match products with the theme you arrive at.

  • Winter Carnival: If you live in a land where snow and ice make it possible, hold a winter carnival. Have volunteers create and run various winter-themed games and activities. Charge a small entry fee or a small amount for each game or activity. Sell tickets on line. Prizes, including a door prize, can be the products you purchase for the event. As well you can have a booth that sells them to the public

  • Spring Fete: Hold a spring gathering, a small fair. It can be similar in tone to the winter affair but may be mole suitable. Have games, prizes and sell raffle tickets for unique gifts. Makeup gift packages of bright spring colors and have them as prizes. Promote the affair online, sell tickets online and even sell the product online. Give whoever purchases a certain amount of merchandise free tickets to the event

  • Gift Tote Auction: This is a variation on the classic gift basket and one of the great fundraising ideas. Replace the basket with colorful and reusable tote bags. You can purchase various products and combine them into appropriately seasonal totes. Post them online and accept online bids.

Great Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers are now a normal characteristics of school life. They are one way parents can ensure their children are receiving the extras they need, but the schools can no longer afford. It is no necessary to make each fundraising event the same as the next. With a little ingenuity and by tuning into the seasons, it is possible to come up with unique and great fundraising ideas that will produce positive economic results.

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