The Pizza Oven: Basic Commercial Types

Americans love their pizza. They eat it in a restaurant or visit a pizzeria. They even take it home frozen. However, everyone admits there is nothing like fresh pizza. The taste is a favorite. It is achievable at home and commercially using any of the four major types of pizza oven.

Four Basic Types of Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens come in four different types. Some are available only for a commercial enterprise; many you can purchase in a scaled down version for your backyard or home. The four types preferable for commercial usage are:

1. Brick Ovens: This is the traditional type of pizza oven in use for centuries to cook a wide variety of food. In classical form, it resembles an igloo. The oven features an arched entryway within a dome. The shape prevents smoke from blowing in the cook’s face while providing a super-hot oven chamber for cooking and baking meals. Many connoisseurs feel brick ovens deliver the superior pizza.

2. Pizza Deck Ovens: The cost of this pizza oven varies. In general, they offer a cost-effective way to produce pizza due to their durability and low maintenance.

3. Conveyor Pizza Ovens: This is perfect for large volume commercial production. Its large size is also a factor in determining whether it is the pizza production oven for you and your business. Quality is lower than brick or deck ovens but somewhat higher than convection pizza ovens.

4. Pizza Convection Ovens: These take up less space than conveyor ovens and still can produce more pizza at a time than brick ovens usually do.

Commercial Pizza Oven

If you plan to open a pizzeria, you have several choices for your oven. While conveyor ovens are best for mass production, they do not produce the best tasting pizza, this comes from the slower, smaller, traditional brick pizza oven.

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