The Perfect Fire Pump for You

When choosing to buy a fire pump, you will want to find the best one for you. There are many kinds of pumps available in today’s market. Today you will learn about rotary gear, vertical turbine, and horizontal split case pumps. Each kind of pump has advantages and disadvantages. As with any other purchase decision you make, you will want to do research. There are some great companies that sell peerless fire pumps in Houston, TX.

Rotary Gear Pumps

Rotary gear pumps are typically very small, which make them portable. A lot of people that live in rural or low populated areas will use this kind of pump to gather water from natural bodies of water. Rotary gears are great as fire pumps since they are great for high hazard and high pressure applications. They are loud when in use though.

Vertical Turbine

This pumps is different than other pumps because it should be emerged in water for the impellers to work properly. These pumps are good for somewhere that water isn’t always readily available. You can buy a vertical turbine pump with multiple impellers to achieve more pressure. To fix one of these pumps, it can take a lot of time and heavy machinery to take it apart.

Horizontal Split Case

The casing on these pumps can be removed to see inside of it. The impellers on horizontal split case pumps need the water to go through the inlet for it to work properly. When placed on the floor in a horizontal position, these pumps can take up a lot of space; which can be inconvenient at times. These pumps typically cost a significant amount more than other pumps. Even with their higher price and larger size, these pumps are usually more durable than others and easier to fix.

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