A Criminal Attorney in Mount Vernon, WA Can Restore Your Firearm Rights

Depending on the state, people can restore their gun rights under certain circumstances. If you feel you have been wrongfully denied your firearm rights or need post-conviction relief, then you should contact a .

Types of Firearm Bans

Two types of firearm bans exist federal bans and state bans. Federal firearm bans are regulations that apply to people in every state. Even if you move to another state, these laws will apply. In other words, you cannot move to another state to avoid a ban that is federally invoked. A criminal attorney can give you further details about this kind of restriction, or you can refer to Domain for more information.

Additionally, almost all the states have established their own rules about who may or may not possess a firearm. Sometimes, the state laws go along with federal mandates. Other times, state laws are different. As a result, assessing why a person may have been denied their gun rights may be complex, especially if the person has resided in several states, or has offenses in different states. That is why you need to consult with a criminal attorney to help you in this regard.

Reasons for Federal Bans

There are a number of reasons why an individual might receive a firearm ban federally. Such a ban may exist for anyone who has already been convicted of a crime punishable by prison time for over one year. This type of mandate includes misdemeanor offenses with a possible term of prison time of over two years, whether or not the sentence was imposed.

The ban may also extend to anyone with a restraining for stalking, harassing, or threaten an intimate partner or their child. Otherwise, state bans, such as in Washington, can be removed if you meet certain criteria with the court.

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