The Modern Beauty of a Tambour Door in your Kitchen

Kitchen design has made leaps and bounds over the past several years. Changing your views on which materials to use for countertops, flooring, lighting, and more can turn your average kitchen area into a stunning gathering place for the family. Taking advantage of every nook in your kitchen can help create unique storage spaces for your cookware, pots, utensils and other necessities. But finding a way to do this stylishly is important and can be difficult. Tambour appliance garage style doors have become extremely popular recently, offering not only an eye-catching look to your kitchen but providing an effective and easy-to-clean cabinet door.

What is a Tambour Door?

This style of door is normally seen in a larger scale for car garages and storage facilities. The door is made from multiple horizontal slats attached together which provide a flexible roll-up action. Additionally, some can roll to either vertical side as well. The same roll-up style can be found on some desks and display units to protect electronics and writing equipment. When used in a residential or commercial kitchen, tambour doors are normally stainless steel, though other materials such as PVC and wood can be used. The biggest benefit to some materials is their ease of cleaning, which can be exceptionally important in commercial kitchens.

Adding an Eye-catching Addition to your Kitchen

Installation is quick and simple, with the door only taking a short time to replace your previous hinged style. Once installed, you will not only notice a preservation of space, but also see an entirely new type of décor in that room of your home. One simple change can alter the entire view of the room. As time goes by, you will notice how much easier it is to keep your kitchen clean and organized. The door kits easily keep large cookware out of view yet convenient in their location. Additionally, sanitizing the front and interior of the tambour storage space is easy, which is a vital part of running a commercial kitchen. Whether you plan on keeping larger pasta pots and rotisserie pans behind the roll-up door, or will be using it for spices and other small additions, the style and convenience it can add to the heart of your home is not just limited to a few perks. You’ll find years of use from the door, and visitors will be complimenting your choice of décor every time they visit.

Add some style to your kitchen with a tambour appliance garage style door for your storage areas. Contact Door Roll Up today for a variety of cabinet styles and designs to consider!

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