Make a mess no more with Liquid Palisade’s Liquid Nail Tape

Does it drive you crazy when you’re painting your nails and nail polish ends up all over your cuticles and sides of your fingers? We know we can’t stand it! Say “hello” to Liquid Palisade’s liquid nail tape and make sloppy DIY nail art and ill-fated at-home manicures a thing of the past. Keep your polish on your nails and your hands looking like they just came from a nail salon … without stepping foot in one!

Salon Quality, DIY Prices with this mess no more nail striping tape
Forget nail salons. And, forget sloppy at-home attempts at nail-salon-quality manicures. We’ve got your solution: liquid nail tape. Liquid Palisades uses this revolutionary nail technology to let you simply apply the “tape” with a special brush, paint and then peel! It’s an easy French manicure, at your finger tips.

Get professional-looking nails without leaving the house! Feeling creative? Liquid Palisades gives you the freedom to create your own DIY nail art, too! Tape. Paint. Peel. Done.

How to use your liquid nail tape correctly
Liquid Palisade’s liquid nail tape can be used on both fingernails and toe nails, and on all sorts of polish, including gels and shellac. Be sure to remove the tape prior to putting your nails under the UV lighting.

The nail striping tape means a mess no more on your nails! But, it won’t come out of clothing or carpets easily.

Don’t you hate it when nail polish gets on your skin when you’re doing your nails? Or, how nail polish looks when it ends up on everywhere around your actual nail? Us, too! Say goodbye to annoying polish in places it shouldn’t be! At Kiesque, we’ve created the perfect solution — Liquid Palisade. This liquid latex nail tape makes sloppy manicures a thing of the past. Think of it as brains (combined with beauty) for your nails!

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