The Many Ways One Benefits from Sand Blasting in CT

Sand blasting in CT is commonly referred to as bead blasting. Sandblasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive sand material against a surface under high amounts of pressure; to smooth, roughen, shape or remove contaminants from a surface. Compressed air or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blasting media. Sandblasting is similar to the same aspect of sandpaper but provides a more even finish, allowing to get into hard to reach areas such as corners or crannies.

When to Use Sand Blasting?

Woodworkers, machinists, auto mechanics all use sandblasting within their line of work. Following is a list of other ways that sandblasting is applied.

• One of the main uses of sandblasting is to remove unwanted paint or rust. They are used among cars, houses, machinery and typically any other surface. It can also be used to clean rust off of small tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and other metal tools.

• Metal or plastic parts for devices can have small burs or other irregularities that make it difficult for assembling. Sandblasting may be used to re-shape objects and remove the irregularities.

• Sandblasting is common for cleaning large areas such as roadways, walkways and other concrete surfaces.

Steps of Sand Blasting

The first step for sandblasting is to determine what type of materials and equipment are needed to complete the task and what type of surface the sandblaster will be working on.

After the surface has been determined, wipe down the area to ensure there is not any residue that may affect the job of the sandblaster. Remove any delicate items in the area in case of contact with the sandblaster.

Once the area has been prepared, you are ready to use the sandblaster for sanding, refinishing or cleaning the surface.

Benefits of Sandblasting

• Sandblasting saves the individual their time and is more efficient than using sandpaper.

• Sandblasting can preserve the use and longevity of metal pipes, furniture, and fittings.

• It is easier to remove hard coatings and debris from old, faded surfaces with a sandblaster.

There are many times and reasons to use sand blasting in CT. For more information on the many ways, you can benefit or for more information on how to obtain a sandblaster, browse our website today.

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