Do You Need to Install a Water Softener in Saskatoon SK?

If you find that your skin is dry and itchy, and your sinks are stained, chances are the water in your home has high mineral content, or hard water. If this is the case, the solution is the installation of a water softener in Saskatoon SK. Water softeners help your clothes and plumbing system last longer and reduce your shopping bill as well.

There are signs that you should install a water softener.

  • The Buildup of Scale in Your Kettle

Mineral deposits will form on the inside of your tea kettle and coffee pot. This buildup is a sure sign that the water in your home is hard. It is easy enough to clean your appliances, but what about the scale that builds up in the pipes. The white, chalky material that builds up is lime. A water softener can reduce this buildup, extending the life of your pressure water pipes.

  • Dry, Itchy Skin

The percentage of calcium and magnesium in hard water leads to itchy skin and hair. Hard water does not nourish skin; it dries it out. The minerals in hard water settle on the skin, and it is hard for soap to remove them. The result is a residue on the skin that irritates it and makes it feel dry and itchy.

  • Clothes Do Not Come out of the Washer Looking Clean

Clothes that have been washed in hard water tend to look gray and faded. They feel scratchy when worn due to the minerals in the water they were washed in. Although there are soaps and liquid water softening detergents, the best solution is to install a water softener system.

Because the minerals in hard water will reduce the inside diameter of the pipes in your home, you will see more frequent problems with your plumbing. As the pipe diameter decreases, the flow decreases as well. Minerals begin to affect the function of taps and valves. The best way to prevent constant plumbing problems is to install a water softener in your Saskatoon SK home.

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