The Increasing Interest In Buying Local Wines From Long Island Wine Stores

New York’s Long Island is known for its beautiful geography, but people who have never lived in the area may not be familiar with its reputation for excellent wineries. Wine Stores in the region typically sell a fine selection of these beverages, and some even ship Long Island wines to licensed establishments in certain states. People who are skeptical about whether this region can produce high-quality wine will be interested to know that many respected wine-related publications and reviewers praise the varieties coming from Long Island.

Commercial wine-making on Long Island is still a relatively new venture compared with better-known wine regions. Producers began turning vineyard fruit to wine in the 1970s, but it took many years for residents and visitors to fully embrace the island’s varieties. Today, there are more than 50 wine producers on the island, and some of them are creating impressive beverages. People interested in planting vineyards discovered that the soil is conducive to these plants, as its drainage is optimum. That’s beneficial during the area’s sometimes excessively rainy weather. Vineyard owners and caretakers do need to address humidity’s effects on the plants. They may need to provide better ventilation, such as doing a specific amount of leaf stripping.

It’s still a bit difficult to find these beverages in Wine Stores outside of Long Island and the greater New York City metropolitan area. This has led some writers in the food and beverage field to express frustration at the wineries not being more aggressive about getting their products noticed elsewhere. Residents of this area and people who are staying there on business or vacation might want to stop at a store like Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. and buy a few bottles of Long Island wine. They might pick up Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon for red varieties and Chardonnay and Riesling for white versions. An intriguing blueberry port wine from Long Island is available as well. Bar owners and managers in many other states can have the wine shipped from this store to their locations. Visit the website for more information about having superb wine shipped to an out-of-state destination.

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