The Importance of Energy-Efficient Business Lighting in Wichita

According to the Small Business Association, approximately 20 to 50 percent of the typical business’ electric bill is due to lighting costs. Opting for the more energy-efficient business lighting Wichita companies can provide makes sense, as this can make it so less of your business’ money goes for lighting. The savings can actually be quite substantial, depending on the type of lighting and the number of bulbs involved.

Types of Business Lighting

These days, more efficient versions of both halogen and fluorescent lighting are available for businesses. This can be a start toward decreasing energy bills. Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, and LED lighting are also energy-efficient options. Switching from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs can save about $30 per bulb over the course of the life of the bulb. These lights also last longer, so it isn’t as necessary to get into hard-to-reach locations to change bulbs. LED lights save about $4 more per bulb per 50,000 hours of use over CFL lights, increasing the savings even further.

Switching Options

Besides the type of bulbs used in lighting, there are other ways to make business lighting more energy efficient. For example, business lighting Wichita companies sell different types of controls that can make it so lighting is only on when it needs to be. This includes occupancy sensors and motion sensors that turn on the lights when motion is detected as well as daylight sensors that adjust the level of lighting based on how much daylight is present. Other options that can limit the use of excess light include dimmers that allow people to decrease the lighting level as needed and bi-level switching, which makes it so only half of a room is lit.

Increasing Natural Light

Another way to improve the lighting in a business is to take advantage of the sunlight available. This can simply mean using blinds to allow more light in from the outside, having skylights, and not blocking the windows. The more daylight that comes into the building, the less artificial lighting needs to be used. Contact Tracy Electric Inc for all of your lighting needs.

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