Steps Needed For Mold Remediation In Alexandria VA

Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and often stain items that have been exposed to moist, dark conditions for extended amounts of time. Mold Remediation in Alexandria VA consists of completing the following steps. Once mold has been eliminated, surfaces need to be maintained in order to prevent mold from becoming an issue again.


  *      face mask

  *      towels

  *      fan

  *      electric heater

  *      chlorine bleach

  *      white vinegar

  *      water

  *      spray bottle

  *      sponge

  *      scrub brush

Drying Moldy Surfaces And Preparing A Cleaning Agent

Before treating moldy surfaces, a face mask should be put on to avoid breathing in mold spores. Wet surfaces can be wiped off with towels. If surfaces are saturated, a fan or electric heater can be used to assist with drying them. Afterwards, a spray bottle can be filled with equal amounts of chlorine bleach, white vinegar and water. After shaking the contents in a bottle, an even amount of the prepared mixture can be applied to surfaces that have mold streaks on them. If mold is on fabric that may become discolored by bleach, it shouldn’t be used in a cleaning solution.

Removing Mold And Maintaining Surfaces

A sponge can be used to wipe surfaces that have been treated with a cleaning agent. If any mold spots are difficult to remove, they should be sprayed a second time with a cleaning agent and a few minutes should pass so that an agent can loosen each stain. Once mold has been eliminated altogether, surfaces need to be rinsed off with plain water. Each surface that was treated needs to be dried with a clean towel. Mold Remediation in Alexandria VA consists of wiping off damp surfaces regularly and cleaning areas that are prone to mold exposure.

If mold ever becomes a serious issue in the future, a professional company will need to be hired. The PMSI Mold Treatment Division or a similar company will assist with removing mold from a home or business. Services are offered that will assist with salvaging building materials and personal possessions. Once mold is eliminated, items will be cleaned in order to transform them to their original condition.

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