The Functions Of A LED Transformer

There are many different types of LED transformer models used in lighting applications. They are an essential part of the system, although they are relatively simple in design.

It is important when choosing an LED transformer to select the right match for your lighting requirements. By understanding what this type of transformer does you can easily see why a correct match has to be in place with the lighting system.

The Basics of Transformers

All types of LED transformer components for lighting operate the same. They are made up of two tightly coiled wires connected. One wire, known as the primary wire, connects to the electrical current coming into the fixture. The electricity sent through the primary wire to the secondary coil is the primary voltage, and it is adjusted based on the way the wires connect in the transformer.

With top LED transformer designs, the power input can be adjusted for output perfect for the consistent operation of LED lights. The result is a stable LED drive performance and longer lasting lights due to consistent voltage levels.

Low Voltage Options

With any low voltage systems of LED lights, an LED transformer has to be used with the system. They are located within the fixture, or they can also be found in the plugs, depending on the specific design and use parameters for the low voltage LED lights.

Most commonly all standard lights will have the LED transformer in the fixture, but portable devices and very small lights may have the transformer in the plug. This allows the primary voltage from the electrical source to be converted from the 120 volts of AC to a direct current (DC) of 12 to 24 volts depending on the light requirement.

There are also larger types of LED transformer units which are used for providing power to large banks of low voltage LED lights. These are typically used for outdoor lighting, both in commercial and residential settings and prevent the need for an individual transformer for every light in the system.

These LED transformer designs will either be made for underground deployment, or they can be in smaller weatherproof boxes that can be mounted anywhere on the exterior of a home or property. They are not large and can easily fit into most landscaping to be very inconspicuous and out of the way.

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