Aluminum Angles Give Every Project a Finishing Edge

Aluminum angles are cross sections of aluminum with two “legs” that meet to form an L-shape. Angles have many uses and are an essential element for many structures and manufactured products. They are very common in construction and remodeling jobs. Angles are used in residential, commercial and industrial construction projects, and in a wide range of manufactured products like windows and door frames, trailers and truck beds, decorative moldings and trim, furniture applications, boat ramps, and along the edges of countertops. There are unlimited uses for aluminum angles and industries worldwide that use them.

Not all Angles are Created Equal

The typical angle has a straight, 90-degree bend with a square inside corner and two legs that are the same size. These are called square equal leg angles. When an angle has two legs that vary in size, it is called an unequal leg angle. While the most common angle is square, rounded angles are also available and sometimes the angle legs can be open more than 90 degrees. Aluminum distributors will typically stock all kinds of angles for several purposes. Angle shapes can vary based on whether they are being used for structural or decorative architectural purposes.

Structural or Decorative—the Choice is Yours

Structural Angle is meant to be stronger than decorative angle and Is usually made of 6061 alloy. This alloy is extremely strong to meet the demands of heavy-duty structural requirements. Architectural or decorative angles are typically made of 6063 alloy because they are specifically designed to be pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain and smooth enough so that they can be easily anodized. Molding and trim are prime examples of how the aluminum angle is used in decorative ways.

Angles are Versatile, Cost Effective and Easy to Work With

Angles are easy to machine and weld. They have a high strength to weight ratio and are highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum angles are versatile, lightweight and extremely strong, which makes them a popular choice for many construction and fabrication projects. They are lighter than wood and will not warp or rot due to water damage. Also, aluminum has a long lifespan and can be finished in a variety of ways.

Looking at Aluminum from every Angle

Metal suppliers offer aluminum angles in different shapes and sizes. It is typically sold by wall thickness. You can also have angles custom made to suit your specifications. Finishing options include milling, anodizing, brushing, polishing or painting. Angles are sold in various alloys, tempers, thicknesses, lengths and finishes.

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