The Edges Matter With Minneapolis Granite Countertops

Choosing the right granite slab for your Minneapolis home countertops is always a tough decision to make. There are beautiful cream and light gray to slightly blue tones and patterns that look very much like the classic marbles you see in ancient buildings all across Europe and in the United States.

There are also the more dynamic and sizzling colors in granite countertops that have more modern and perhaps even a bit more of a casual look and feel. To top it off there are also the granites with almost mesmerizing patterns that seem to swirl throughout the natural stone, really creating a focus for the room and the design.

However, even once you choose the type of granite countertops you like, you have at least one more decision to make. That will be with regards to the edge or the shaping of the edge. This is an important decision as it will impact the cost, but only slightly, while also adding to the style and design of the countertop or surface area.
To help you to get started, here are some common edge profiles for granite countertops for either the bathroom or the kitchen as well as for other surfaces.

Surface Edges

If the countertop is going to sit on the top of the cupboards without curling over to hide the edge of the top of the cupboard you have several options. The round and bevel edges are very classic and have clean, crisp lines. The top 90-degree angle of the granite either rounded or cut on a bevel to soften the edge slightly or in a more pronounced fashion.

The half bullnose edge creates a more rounded top corner while the full bullnose creates a full round edge. The ogee creates a stepped look that can be more or less pronounced.

Wrap Around

If the granite countertops are to extend slightly beyond the top of the cupboards and appear to wrap around the edge, you also have a lot of choices. The half or double bullnose creates the same half to full round shape, but it is more pronounced. There is a ½ bevel that gives that straight, crisp angle and the apron waterfall gives a look of a stepped down surface with three gently rounded design elements.

The best way to compare these options in countertop edge profiles is to go into a granite showroom and look at the difference. There are also great examples online to see how they look in different homes in Minneapolis and around the country.

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