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by | Nov 2, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

A hard, durable driving and parking surface is critical for the protection of the vehicles that make use of it as well as preserving the integrity of the property from the weight of traffic. This is especially critical in the Brenham and Houston area where sudden rain storms can wreak havoc. There are two common solutions to this issue. The first is concrete, which can be a bit pricey and takes some time to install. The second is asphalt, which is an extremely durable material. Asphalt Contractors Brenham TX often recommend this surfacing system because it is quickly installed and easily repaired.

Asphalt is basically a mixture of refined crude oil derivatives mixed with an aggregate such as gravel or rock chips. The aggregate serves a couple of functions. First, it provides plenty of surface area for the asphalt cement to bind to. Second, an aggregate such as rock can provide better traction and increased durability for the road surface. The installation area will require a bit of preparation such as packing the soil and sealing it with oil. This prevents the degradation of the subsurface and helps the asphalt last longer. Alternately, Asphalt Contractors Brenham TX can place the product on a concrete surface, which is useful for repairing aging concrete or extending the life of roads and parking areas.

Many aging asphalt roads and parking lots may actually be salvageable. Most of them can be restored by patching any damaged areas and resurfacing them with another layer of asphalt. An alternate method of resurfacing involves the use of asphalt millings. This is a mix of aggregate and ground-up bituminous paving materials, usually from recycled products. They are mixed with a binding asphalt and pressed into place with a hot rolling machine.Protecting the asphalt surface from extreme weather conditions can be handled with an application of seal coating. This tar-like emulsion provides protection from heat, moisture and cold extremes. A properly installed seal coating should last two or three years, but the sealant needs to be placed after the asphalt surface has had time to cure completely. Placing the coating on a fresh surface will usually result in poor protection and premature failure of the coating. Get more details about asphalt solutions from the experts at website.

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