The Different Items a Vibration Analysis in San Antonio Can Detect

The mechanical movement of machinery naturally gives off vibrations. These vibrations can also indicate the machine’s health without taking it apart. Unusually high vibrations can indicate that the machine is not functioning as it should. If there is a suspicion that the machine is not operating a peak efficiency, a vibration analysis can reveal these types of problems.

One thing that a Vibration Analysis in San Antonio can determine is if a part of the machine is not operating in synchronization with other parts. A slight misalignment in the machine can cause excessive wear and tear and reduce its overall lifespan. This fault is more readily detected by sound waves than by a visual inspection. This is because some of the parts can be inaccessible by other pieces or the parts are encased and can’t be taken apart without excessive damage occurring.

Another thing an analysis can identify is the location where the machine is malfunctioning. This can save a great deal of time especially when the fault is not easily located. Since it can take considerable time to take the machine apart, knowing the location may save some of the labor costs associated with repairs. This can also save time since the repair can be done quickly and the machine can be put back online in a timely manner. This can save money as well.

The Vibration Analysis in San Antonio can also indicate how high the need for repairs is on the priority list. A part that is highly out of synchronization with the other pieces of machinery might indicate the need to shutdown the equipment immediately, and that repairs are urgent. A slightly out of tune piece may indicate that repairs are needed but can wait until the natural maintenance cycle. It is important to know at which point repairs are urgent because this can determine operational decisions.

All machinery makes noises. It is deciphering those noises in the mechanical operation that determines whether or not the machinery is operating at its maximum efficiency. An analysis is done while the machine is operating, so there is no need to shut it down for this test. Click here for more information regarding machine analysis.

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