Laser Alignment in San Antonio Can Save Money and Increase Productivity

Even the slightest misalignment in shaft machines, rotating machines, and belt transmissions can significantly reduce the efficiency and safety of production equipment. Misalignment increases friction and can lead to undetected damage. Problems continue to compound as more friction uses more energy and contributes to increased downtime when production stalls for malfunction and repair. When lasers are used in shaft alignment, malfunctions are shown to be decreased by half.

Laser Alignment In a Variety of Machines

In rotating machines that prove to be more difficult to calibrate due to the various ways machine trains can be mounted and connected, laser alignment allows for precision with hard to reach components with less disassembling. With belt driven machines, many people assume that belts are unaffected by misalignment. When belt machines are aligned with lasers, manufacturers experience a 10% savings in energy cost alone. Wear and tear tends to be uneven on wide belt transmissions which increases replacement frequency of all belts, some of which still have useful life. As opposed to traditional methods of alignment which require two people and measurement using the naked eye, laser alignment is fast and precise. Laser alignment in belt transmissions evens the tension on all belts allowing for more efficient use of energy and parts.

Money Saving Solutions

Production companies will save money with laser alignment in San Antonio. Not only is laser alignment more precise, but it requires less time and man-power. This precision of laser alignment extends the life of any machine and its parts. When the need to re-order replacement parts decreases, so does shipping cost and downtime. Naturally, productivity increases when machines are operating at optimal speed. Technicians can focus their skills and energy on efficient production rather than on time-wasting repairs or safety concerns.

Environmentally Friendly Innovation

Perhaps the largest benefit of Laser Alignment in San Antonio is the positive impact on the environment. Precise alignment reduces friction, which reduces energy consumption, thermal pollution, toxic leaks, and noise vibration. Less energy translates to decreased usage of oil, coal and gas. Fewer repairs translates to reduced use of raw materials for replacement parts.

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