The Best Way to Utilize an Aluminum Supply Company

Fabrication and manufacturing are expensive and time-consuming processes. It is essential to have confidence in the raw materials you are using for construction. It does not matter how good your manufacturing and fabrication techniques are if you are using low-quality raw materials. There are many reasons it is important to take the time to develop a good relationship with your aluminum supply company.

Get the Best Price

Taking the time to develop a good relationship with your supplier is the best way to secure the lowest pricing. If your supplier knows that you intend to work with them on future projects, they are more willing to negotiate better prices. This holds true no matter the volume of raw materials you purchase. Several smaller fabricators and manufacturers do not think they are buying enough materials to receive a discount.

The truth is, a supplier will work with a repeat customer regardless of the volume purchased.
Often a supplier can group your order with a larger purchase to get the best pricing. Even if you order smaller volumes, if your supplier knows your future needs, they can combine your small order with a larger order. This permits a supplier to offer you the same discount as a larger manufacturer. However, no supplier will make this commitment if you have not developed this level of trust.

The best way to achieve this level of trust is by working with one or two suppliers exclusively. Even if they cannot get the lowest market price every single time, the average savings overtime will outweigh any occasional discount you receive with multiple suppliers.

Get the Right Materials

A good supplier should be more knowledgeable about aluminum than their customer. There are several different alloys and types of aluminum. If you are making a part or item that you have made before, you know what type and alloy the project calls for. However, when you are making a new product, there are no existing specifications that tell you what raw material to use.

A good supplier will explain the differences in all the alloys available. They will also help you determine the type of aluminum to use, whether it is a preformed extrusion or a blank plate. A trusted supplier will take the time to discuss new projects with you to help you determine the right material for the project.

Taking the time to develop a solid relationship with your aluminum supply company will pay off in time and money.

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