The Difference In Professional Photo Printing In Rhode Island

As a photographer, you have many different options to have your photographs printed. Unfortunately, trying to cut costs and use anything less than a professional photo printing service may actually end up costing you money as clients will not be satisfied with the final results.

The Problem

In fact, many professional photographers may not even provide prints on a regular basis. These professionals will instead simply provide clients with a DVD or CD version of the shoot, and then allow the customer to print their own pictures. What often happens in these situations is the customer chooses the lowest cost and most convenient option, which is often a chain drugstore or department store printing service.

What occurs then is the customer in Rhode Island looks at the photos, which are not crystal clear, not crisp and have do not have the perfect colors shown the DVD or CD, and assumes it is the photographer’s mistake. In fact, the issue is with the low-quality printing, not with the photography.

The Answer

By working with a local Rhode Island professional photo lab, the professional photographer can ensure the clients receive professionally printed copies. Customers can have the choice, but once they see the difference the professional photo printing service makes over the cheap service, it really won’t be a difficult decision to make.

The Difference

There are several subtle but noticeable differences in cheap-quality printing and a professional photo printing service. These include:

 * Color shifts – this can include colors being slightly “off” from the original. They often look less brilliant and more faded, particularly with very vivid colors that should really pop out of the image.

 * Blurring – the edges of the images in the photo may not be absolutely crisp and defined. Often this isn’t the first thing you will notice about the image, but as it becomes more familiar to the viewer the blurring or lack of sharpness will become a factor.

 * Specialized finishing – typical photo labs don’t take the care needed to finish the photos correctly. Professional service will use heavier and more quality photo paper and inks that are resistant to fading, even with exposure to sunlight.

Working with a professional lab over a do-it-yourself printing service is an important discussion to have with any photography clients. After all, if they have taken the time to hire a professional photographer, doesn’t it make sense to have the photos professionally printed as well?

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