The Convenience of Concrete Delivery Along With Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County

When property owners are planning a big do-it-yourself home improvement project, they may need a variety of somewhat unrelated services. It’s convenient when they can order those different services from one contractor. For example, being able to order Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County along with the delivery of fresh concrete mix from the same company makes the project easier.

Considering the Container Size

Men and women often don’t know exactly what they need in regard to Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County, no matter what kind of project they are tackling. People who want to unload a bunch of junk from inside of the house tend to choose a dumpster that is too small, and then they must rent a second one. This costs more than renting a larger one in the first place. This is a special consideration when planning a home improvement project that will involve removing a great deal of construction materials.

Cubic Yards, Styles and Length

Dumpsters and roll-off container size is measured in cubic yards, which can be somewhat confusing for the customer. For demolition and construction projects, a minimum size of 15 cubic yards is recommended. Several other larger sizes are available as well. Company representatives can help with the decision as the customer describes the extent of the planned work.

Some containers are technically known as high style and some as low style, which affects the length and width since the height varies. A container with 20 cubic yards will be 22 ft. long in the low style but only 18 ft. long in the high style, for example. Customers might choose the high style if they don’t have enough room for placing a container 22 ft. in length.

Additional Services

Customers who want other services, such as Concrete Delivery, will be pleased to have the combination available from one company. Contractors like Artistic Materials, Inc. offer the advantage of providing metered concrete, in which customers truly only pay for the amount they need. The mix is metered out and the only charge is for the amount used. That way, property owners don’t have to make guesses and wind up paying more than they should have.

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