The Bare Bones Of Lawn Care

People in Fayetteville love their lawns. Every year they spend copious amounts of money making sure they have a beautiful lawn. While some handle the basics of lawn care on their own, others hire a company. They let professionals apply their expertise to make certain they have the best-looking lawn on the block.

The Basics

Whether you hire a professional or do it on your own, your lawn does require certain basics. Taking care of a lawn always involves the following:

Mowing: It is important to mow the lawn on a regular basis to ensure it remains thick. Timing is everything, including the time of day and month. Mowing will also help keep down the weeds. Some experts recommend mowing twice a week but never twice every two weeks. Again, it depends upon the weather, the condition of your lawn and the intent.

Fertilizing: Cutting the lawn removes nutrients. Lawns require them to grow and flourish. Like mowing, the practice needs to be reliably time and spaced. In spring, consider carrying out the first application. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous are the most common types of fertilizer nutrients a lawn will require. However, phosphorous does not need to be applied on an already established lawn. Lawn care experts often favor a slow release fertilizer. Depending upon the company, you may request organic products.

Watering: Watering is an important (and controversial) aspect of keeping a lawn green and lush. Statistics state they actually require an inch of water every week. However, a lawn can go dormant and still be fine for three weeks. This is good to know in states where lawn-watering restrictions apply. By hiring an experienced company, they can make sure your watering practices in do not break any MN regulations or local by-laws in Fayetteville, GA.

Weed Control: A thick lawn will be your best defense against a weed invasion, but there are options. Scarifiers can remove weeds. So, too can manual labor. Herbicides are a popular option. Companies who take care of lawns professionally can help you select the right product – including organic herbicides, to eliminate the problem.

Aeration: Like all plants, the roots of your lawn need air to breathe. They cannot grow without it. Companies have the means and the tools to perform this task effortlessly in spring and fall.

While other tasks will keep your lawn healthy, you and/or a professional can perform these basics.

Lawn Care

If you find Lawn Care Services In Fayetteville, GA, you want it to be healthy. You want it to be lush and not patchy. While you can perform all or some of these tasks on your own, you do have options – ones that make it easier for you to have the lawn you have always wanted. You simply hire a professional lawn care company to perform even the most bare bones tasks.

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