Different Aspects of Lawn Care Services in Allentown, PA

There are many different kinds of lawn care services that you can use to make your home look better and healthier. The health of your yard is important in keeping your home safe and looking good. Good grass and stable trees can keep your soil from eroding when it rains or when the wind blows very hard. The roots of the grass, bushes, and trees can hold the soil in place. Furthermore, there are many different services that can be used to grow the health of your yard and make sure your grass is growing better. The yard consists of the grass, bushes, and trees. Here are some different services for those parts of your yard.


The grass needs to be maintained to keep your yard healthy and looking good. You need to use lawn care in Allentown, PA, that are designed for your specific area. You need to make sure you have the best grass for your climate and for your soil. Different strains of grass are suited for different types of soil and different climates.

The Bushes

You need to pick lawn care services that are suited to your house and your yard. For example, certain types of bushes grow best in the shade, and coffee is one of these types of bushy plants. Others grow best in direct sun. A good lawn care specialist will know which plants to grow where.

The Trees

You need to make sure that your trees are pruned and kept in good shape. If they are new trees or if they are fruit trees, you might need to fertilize them, but this is something the specialist can determine for you. Different types of trees have different requirements for maintaining steady, healthy growth. You should contact lawn care specialists such as those at Charlie Nansteel Tree & Excavation LLC.

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