The caring role of a senior caregiver

A senior caregiver is an individual who provides in-house care and assistance to senior citizens, all designed to help them live a normal life under the circumstances. Caregivers are not trained to provide home health in Simi Valley CA as they are not skilled medical personnel. The job they perform is one of a custodian, providing assistance with daily living and companionship. The health care that requires specific medical training is left to those with the skills, however, the senior caregiver will remind the senior that they must take their medications and they will see to it that the medications are taken as scheduled.

If the family or the situation deems it to be appropriate that a senior caregiver who can provide home health in Simi Valley CA be in attendance, then a certifies nursing assistant or registered nurse can perform the care giving activities, however, this rarely the case. When the senior reaches a point where medical intervention is important, then often the senior is moved to a nursing home.

There are six daily living activities that are vital for everyone:

• Eating
• Bathing
• Attending to toileting
• Dressing
• Transferring position
• Continence

The first four activities are self explanatory, transferring refers to one’s ability to move between the bed and a chair and vice-versa and continence is one’s ability to control their discharge of fecal matter and urine. A senior caregiver may give hands-on assistance for any or all of the daily activities or simply be available in the event the senior needs help. It may also be that the senior cannot perform any of the daily activities and must be assisted.

Those who provide home health in Simi Valley CA have to be trained and certified in providing medical care, this is not the case with senior caregivers. Although the duties of a caregiver are not particularly difficult, there is a level of training that is required. As much as training is important, perhaps the temperament of a caregiver is equally important. A caregiver must be agreeable with performing tasks that others may see as demeaning, such as dressing a person or assisting someone with incontinence. In addition to these tasks, those seniors who begin losing the ability to perform their daily activities are often beginning with the onset of dementia. A senior caregiver must be capable of dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s, seniors who suffer often make unreasonable demands and become problematic.

Senior caregivers normally work in the homes of the senior citizen, but can work in a nursing home. When the service is provided at home, it is often referred to as home health in Simi Valley CA and the provider of the service can be called a home health aide.

Providing home health in Simi Valley CA can be very important for your senior loved ones who are still reasonably active but need assistance in a number of ways. To arrange this service, you are invited to contact Approved in Home Care. They provide non-medical in home care services for seniors and the elderly.

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