The Boiler Maintenance in New York City Required for your Home

Boiler Servicing New York City area companies provide is key to having a properly functioning system. There are also some tips you can use to keep your boiler working more efficiently including.

1. Monthly Checks: Even in the summer months it is a good idea to give your boiler a bit of a kick to wake it up and see it is working. Switch on your boiler for about ten to fifteen minutes once or twice a month in the summer just to keep things active. This allows the pumps to clear and stop clogs and grit from gathering. This will help reduce the chance of issues when you turn it on for the winter.

2. Water Pressure: A common issue that can lead to boiler servicing Bronx NY home owners require is water pressure problems. Low water pressure can cause your boiler to turn off on its own. Check your water pressure gauge and ensure it is functioning between one and 1.5. If you see that it has fallen below one you can try to adjust the boiler by turning it off and turning the water valves until you see the reading on the gauge reach one. You have to turn the taps off once this adjustment has been made to avoid pressure issues. If you see there is an issue you can also arrange for boiler servicing New York City home owners call to avoid over-pressuring your system.

3. Condensate Pipes: Your pipes can freeze on your boiler and when this happens you have to thaw the condensate waste pipe. When you spot ice this is a warning sign something is wrong. If you do not thaw the pipe it can stop your boiler from working. You can use a hot water bottle to melt the ice or pour hot water over it which can be messy. Your Boiler Maintenance in New York City companies offer can arrange to install a trace heater element to stop this from happening in the future.

4. Carbon Monoxide Alarms: As you know you are required to have carbon monoxide alarms in your home. This is very important if you have been experiencing issues with your boiler as carbon monoxide leaks can occur. Because carbon monoxide does not have a smell you can be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or even death while sleeping.

Regular boiler servicing New York City companies can offer will help keep your boiler functioning efficiently and avoid leaks for both water and carbon monoxide. These tips will also help you spot issues so you can call Ragno Boiler Maintenance, INC. for repairs.

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