The Benefits of Using Mahogany For Flooring In Your Bend, OR Home

Having hardwood floors put into your home is an excellent decision for both aesthetic and practical reasons, and nothing says class like mahogany. That’s why it’s used to craft high-end guitars, yachts and other items. If you’re considering Hardwood Floor Installation in Bend, OR, then mahogany can give your home floors you’ll want to show off.


Mahogany floors are extremely durable, and, if cared for properly, will last for many decades. Furthermore, they have a rustic and classic look. Mahogany is harder than the majority of woods, and it is also water resistant, which is a big plus in a home because water can get into areas without anyone being aware of it. Because mahogany is a dark wood, it hides dust, dirt and debris, and it looks clean even when it isn’t.

Compared to others woods, mahogany keeps its color well even under intense sunlight. When the color does change, it simply becomes more dark, and this looks just as elegant as the original tone. Additionally, mahogany matches absolutely any type of decorating or furniture. Mahogany planks are generally cut from logs that have been quartered, and this means that there is less chance of them bending and warping over time even under extreme conditions.

It is one of the most affordable exotic woods, and it will likely raise the property value of your entire home. When you’re ready for a major home upgrade through professional hardwood floor installation in Bend, OR, contact Integrity Hardwood Floors & Design.

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