Benefits of Buying a Pre-owned Ford in Madison, CT

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle in Madison, Connecticut, you have the choice of buying new or used. You also have the choice of buying from many different manufacturers. The following will show you why buying a pre-owned Ford in Madison, CT, may be your best bet.

Why Buy a Pre-owned Ford?

Beyond Ford’s reputation for manufacturing top-quality vehicles with excellent precision, performance, safety and reliability, Ford also runs its own certified pre-owned vehicle program. This program guarantees you the vehicle you purchase is under six years old and has fewer than 80,000 miles on it. Moreover, after Ford identifies a vehicle as eligible for certification in the program, it first subjects the vehicle to a 172-point inspection.

Why Buy in Connecticut?

Connecticut law places certain requirements on dealers of pre-owned vehicles, such as:

  • To inform you whether or not they are selling the vehicle “as-is.”
  • To permit you to have a mechanic of your choosing inspect a pre-owned vehicle before you commit to purchase it.
  • To lay out all promises regarding making repairs and improvements on the vehicle in the contract of sale.
  • To include in the contract of sale all express warranties required by law.
  • To provide you a disclosure form to sign that lays out all items the state mandates the dealer check before transferring the title to any pre-owned vehicle.
  • To honor any warranty claim made within the warranty period even if the warranty has since expired.

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