The Benefits Of Using Laser Marking Services

Providing Original Equipment Manufacturers with parts that are uniquely labeled and identified is important in many different applications. In some cases, such as in medical devices or dental devices, military components or on aerospace parts, there may be a requirement for specific identification to be placed on the part.

In other industries, labeling and branding of parts are important for identification as well as quick ordering and replacement. Finding ways to label these parts in all industries is important.

The labeling process needs to fast, precise and fit within the Original Equipment Manufacturers budget. A good option for many OEMs to consider is the use of laser marking services.

Advantages to Consider

A very important consideration with laser marking services is the wide range of materials the technology can be used with. Most people immediately think of metals and alloys when they consider laser marking, but it is also the technology used with plastics, rubber, and ceramics. Exotic resins, as well as exotic metals and alloys, can also be marked with this technology.

By choosing an experienced company offering laser marking services, there is a great variety in the types of markings that can be completed. Companies can offer a range of different text fonts and sizes as well as depths of engraving on the surface.

Through the use of CNC equipment and CAD technology, even company logos or branding images can be engraved on the surface with speed, precision and with the high tolerance levels required to provide a highly professional look.

By choosing laser marking there is a permanent way to identify parts and components. This type of marking will not peel or fade like paints or decals and, unlike small plagues or tags, the laser marking cannot be removed or damaged by typical wear and tear.

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