The Benefits Of The Multihead Weigher

While most commonly used in the food processing and packaging industries, there are also weighers that are designed to provide fast, accurate weighing of items for packaging in other industries as well. This includes some types fasteners and hardware items, fertilizers and other types of garden supplies and even for agricultural and construction supplies.

A multihead weigher provides very accurate amounts of the specific material into the bagging or packaging equipment. It was first developed in the early part of the 1970s by the Ishida company from Japan.

Since its early development, other specialized food packaging companies have developed their own designs and systems. The goal of all of these weighers is to provide fast and accurate weights for packaging. Some of the top types of these weighers are able to weigh and fill at up to 240 cycles per minute at an accuracy rating of plus or minus 0.1 grams.

Integration with the Bagging System

When selecting a new or replacement multihead weigher, it will be important to ensure it can be fully integrated with your current line and bagging system. The top models are standard and are easily used with most manufacturer’s equipment. This can easily be verified with a quick call to the manufacturer.

These systems all work in a similar fashion. The material to be bagged is added to the top of the weigher and drops into smaller pockets or hoppers. With highly sensitive and accurate strain gauge load cells in the weigher, the system automatically empties the hopper to create an accurate amount of product to plus or minus 0.1 grams.

As this works on a combination of hoppers and not one single hopper, there is a far greater weight range that can be handled by the multihead weigher than a standard type of weighting system. Additionally, the system instantly weighs and drops the ideal combination, minimizing the handling of the product and preserving the food item without damage.

Even delicate items like potato chips and other types of snacks can be processed using these weighers. The limited vibration of the system and the gravity feed avoids the common issues that often result in damaged items. Different styles of hoppers also provide additional protection for these types of food items.

Keep in mind that the weigher can also be used for other items as well. Even larger food or non-food items and heavier items can be handled through this weighing system; it will just require the correct size and shape of hoppers to provide the right configuration.

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