The Benefits of Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage in Oahu HI

Massage is one of the best ways to promote relaxation, stress relief, and balance. Thai-Issan massage is a specific form massage that combines the basic principles of yoga and massage. There is no other massage technique like Thai-Issan Massage in Oahu HI. The following will discuss how it is applied and the benefits of this technique.

Thai yoga massage is performed by a massage therapist with knowledge and practical experience in this technique. They assist you in stretching like in yoga and apply muscle compression and acupressure throughout the session. The therapist is likely to use their hands, feet, knees, and legs to assist you in stretches and massage. You remain fully dressed for the session and no oil is used for the treatment. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes made from natural materials. A session of Thai yoga massage can last between one and two hours.

The Benefits of Thai-Issan Massage

1) Stress reduction – If you experience stress, like most people do, this technique will relieve you of stress and help you enjoy life.

2) Relaxation – If you have problems relaxing due to high levels of stress in your life or if you experience insomnia, this massage technique promotes relaxation, which can result in better sleep habits.

3) Circulation – Thai yoga massage improves your circulation, which promotes blood flow.

4) Balance – This technique centers the body and mind to bring you to balance which helps you enjoy a better quality of life.

5) Energy boosting – Unlike most massage techniques, Thai-Issan promote relaxation and boosts energy levels.

6) Enhances flexibility – If you experience stiff muscles and lack flexibility, this massage will help enhance relax those muscles, improving your physical flexibility.

7) Improves range of motion – Many people who suffer with back pain, general body aches and pains, and stiffness, also suffer with a poor range of motion. The yoga-like stretches and massage techniques used in Thai massage improves your range of motion.

Not everyone is a good candidate for Thai massage. If you have just had surgery or you have an open wound, you are not a good candidate. If you are pregnant or have heart problems, check with your doctor before participating in Thai massage. Proper preparation and information before you have your Thai-Issan Massage in Oahu HI will enhance your experience and promote better results.

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