The Benefits of Self Propelled Boat Yard Trailers

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Boat Trailers

Are your employees still struggling with old fashioned manual methods for moving vessels about in the yard? This can be a very difficult and time consuming procedure and there is a much easier solution. Consider all the advantages that a self propelled trailer can provide, the next time you shop boat trailers for sale.

Why Some Companies Choose Manual Trailers

Perhaps you are thinking about the additional cost of self propelled equipment. The truth is, you will pay more for this kind of equipment. Many companies feel it is it may not be worth the additional cost but they could be failing to realize the many benefits self propulsion can provide.

Space is a major consideration in today’s boat yards. Some self propelled units can take up a great deal of room and they may not be too easy to maneuver. Yet, this is not the case if you know where to look when you shop boat trailers for sale. For example, some of the better units have steering axles and components specifically designed for maximum maneuverability and space saving advantages.

Important Features to Consider When Looking at Boat Trailers for Sale

To get the most for your investment and provide the maximum benefits to employees, you should think about these features:

 * Hydraulic operation – a must for heavy and bulky vessels

 * Four-wheel drive – this will greatly increase your traction and make it much easier to maneuver in tight areas.

 * Hydrostatic drive – automatic transmission which utilizes hydraulics. It is more efficient than belt drive systems and is simple to operate

 * Oscillating front axle for steering – this design allows for easy steering no matter if you are on an even surface or not. An oscillating axle is made in two pieces and it allows one side to raise while the other lowers and it provides greater control, especially in areas where there is limited space to work with.

 * 360 visibility – when moving a very large vessel, you need as much visibility as possible. Look for a system which allows the operator to see in every direction from one position.

 * Joystick steering – the better units allow you to steer with a single joystick. This is one of the easiest ways to maneuver equipment and vessels.

 * Video camera visibility – if you routinely move very large vessels you may wish to check into video camera options. For instance, some cameras allow the operator to see the underside of the boat while it is loaded on the trailer.

Go with Specialists

As you check out boat trailers for sale, go with a company specializing in trailers and stands for boat yards. This ensures the best possible products and customer service. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefits of quality equipment at competitive prices.

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