The Benefits Of A Landscape Warranty

At Yellowstone Landscape, we work with our customers to provide full transparency with all the services we provide. This includes ensuring our customers are aware of our landscape warranty and how it benefits their property both immediately as well as in the future.

Not all landscaping companies offer a landscape warranty. Think of this warranty as your protection in the event of the death of any plants we install. As with any warranty, the purchases, the commercial property owner or manager, will also be responsible for ensuring the plants are cared for properly. In most cases, our customers will continue to use us for their landscape maintenance, so we will already ensure the plants are cared for to the specifications required according to their species and the specific growing requirements.

In addition, our team of designers and installers can also provide direct information to the property owner or manager. In these situations, this may be in the form of a quick verbal review or written information can be provided as requested.

For commercial property owners with an interest in learning more about how to avoid voided their warranty, here are some simple tips.

Tips to Avoid Plant Warranty Problems

Ask the company for specific information about how to water, fertilize and prune the tree or shrub. There are a lot of landscaping services that may be hired to maintain commercial properties with limited experienced with more exotic types of trees and shrubs. Ensure the landscaper is knowledgeable about plant care before agreeing to hire the service.

Note early signs of problems with the trees or shrubs. We routinely check all plants on the property we maintain so we can detect any possible early issues of problems with watering, fertilizer, disease or other common issues. This allows our team to correct the problem or, if it is not possible to address the problem, the landscape warranty will allow us to replace the plants at no cost to our customers.

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