The Basics of Unattended Death Cleaning in Washington

When an individual passes away unexpectedly and some time passes before finding them, it creates a unique scenario to clean up the scene. Understanding the basis of unattended death cleaning in Washington can help you choose the right company for the job.

Length of Time

The first step in unattended death cleaning in Washington is to determine the length of time between death and discovery. The authorities are an excellent resource for this information. The time that passes determines whether bodily fluids and decomposition may have seeped deeper into surfaces. Odor remediation is more challenging the longer the body remains.

Cleaning Services

The cleaning crew will complete the process after determining the scope of the unattended death cleaning in Washington. First, they will remove any visible components of the scene, including bodily fluids, blood, and other biomatter. This process is often completed in conjunction with the police officers. After all body matter is removed, the cleaners will conduct a thorough cleaning to remove any traces and odors that remain behind.

Compassionate Process

When conducting an unattended death cleaning in Washington, the cleaning professionals understand the emotional nature of the project. They realize they are dealing with grieving family members and strive to complete the work promptly while respecting the family’s space and time. They aim to clean as quickly as possible, so families can grieve peacefully.

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