All About Companion Care Services in Alexandria, VA

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Health Care

The popularity of companion care services in Alexandria, VA is on the rise. There are many in-home companion care services offered in Alexandria, such as Capital City Nurses.

What Is Companion Care?

This particular type of care is usually non-medical. They basically assist the elderly in maintaining their quality of life by providing them with emotional, social, and general physical support.

The hired care might help elders with their daily tasks such as reminding them to take their medicines, assisting them on a walk, etc. They might help those living alone with cooking, grocery shopping, and house cleaning, or taking them to their regular doctor appointments.

Benefits and Importance of Companion Care Services

Companion care services in Alexandria, VA bring many benefits to the elders and may be important for many elders for a number of reasons.

Eliminates the Feeling of Loneliness

As people age, they become isolated in their homes. They do not go out to work and this induces the feeling of loneliness. Having a companion by their side eliminates their feeling of loneliness, so they can feel happier.

Mental Health

Continuous emotional support and comfort are important for any individual, especially for elders. Family members might sometimes be unable to provide such continuous companionship as some have to go out to work and others to study. This alone time can harm the mental health of our elders. Therefore, hiring someone for companionship is important for that particular time period of the day.

Dignity and Independence

Companion care services allow elders living alone to maintain their quality of life with dignity and without losing the feeling of being independent. They don’t have to feel guilty about taking someone’s time to get them to the doctor’s appointment or other necessary daily activities.

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