The Advantages Of Self Tapping Sheet Metal Screws

One of the most important considerations of any construction job is getting the right equipment and supplies to get the job done correctly, quickly and with as few specialized tools as necessary.

For any sheet metal fabrication or construction project, a great option to attach sheet metal is the use of self tapping sheet metal screws. These are versatile, easy to use and come in a range of sizes and materials to match the needs of a specific project or job.

One Operation

All self tapping sheet metal screws, and all self tapping screws, in general, have a very sharp point that allows the screw to start itself. With just slight pressure from a screwdriver, or more likely a screw gun, it is easy to start and tighten these screws in seconds.

This saves the need to pre-drill holes or carry an extra tool on the job. It also means that the installer can easily add more screws in specific locations if needed without the need to rely on pre-punched holes for fasteners.

Thread-Forming and Thread-Cutting

There are two different types of self-tapping screws. The thread-forming options are not typically used with metal, but they work well with soft materials such as plastics or resins. The threads are formed out of the material with no removal of material.

Thread-cutting screws, which are more commonly used with hard materials such as metals, will cut out chips from the material to create the mating of the screw threads with the material. This results in a solid hold between the self tapping sheet metal screws and the metal and other base material.

The one issue with self-tapping screws is that if they are removed, it may be necessary to use a slightly larger diameter screw when the piece or part is replaced to create new threads to secure the sheet metal.

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