The Advantages Of MIL-A-8625

Every industry has its regulations and set requirements for producing a quality product for its customer-base. For those finishing and fabrication companies who wish to obtain contracts from the military or defense work, the standards they expect for specific metals fall into different categories. When it comes to anodized aluminum, the specifications a finishing company must follow are in Mil-A-8625.

Mil-A-8625 Specifications

This standard sets the exacting parameters for processes involving aluminum anodization. This customized service provides the customer exactly what they need to meet the stringent demands of this military plating specification. Three types of

1. Type II: Anodize Sulfuric Acid

2. Type III: Hard Anodic Sulfuric Acid

3. Type III: Hard anodizing for thicker coatings

Whatever type of anodizing a company prefers to coat its components, they all imbue the base parts with certain benefits the military and related organizations require.

Benefits from Anodizing Aluminum

The intent of the military standards is simple – to improve the base metal components to a level in which they will be able to withstand the rigors of their environment. The resultant anodized aluminum is to reflect these desirable qualities:

* Abrasion resilient

* Corrosion resistant

* Receptive to dye

* Smooth and reliable appearance

* Light fast

* Receptive to paint

The military specs also involve the fulfillment of other necessary characteristics for acceptance by the military, defense, NATO and other organizations. Among them are the inspection and testing processes.


If a company decides to apply for military contracts, it is essential they carefully read and adhere to the specifications set out for them in the standards of this group. Each metal will have its own specifications. They will lay out in detail the specific concerning the process and overall preparation, treatment, and post-treatment procedures they require a finishing company to follow prior to consideration. For anodized aluminum, the “Bible” is Mil-A-8625.

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