Exploring The Possibilities With A Boating Accident Attorney In Bowie, MD

In Maryland, boating accidents can lead to serious injuries. They can also involve several vessels and cause massive damage for all property owners. The victim of these accidents has a legal right to seek damages for any losses they incur. The following is an exploration of possibilities with a Boating Accident Attorney in Bowie MD.

Reviewing the Accident Report

The boating accident report provides detailed information about the accident and all parties that were involved. They identify the individual that caused the accident and the sequence of events that led to the accident. All victims of the accident are also provided. The accident report provides all parties the opportunity to file a claim through their insurance provider or the insurance provider of the accountable party.

Possible Criminal Acts

A BUI is a serious offense that can lead to a major accident or even a fatality. It indicates that the operator was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These circumstances lead to a criminal charge and could make the individually liable immediately if they caused the accident. These offenses could present the driver with further charges if the victim of the accident dies.

Identifying the Exact Liability

If the cause of the accident wasn’t a moving violation, an investigation might be needed. This investigation will review other possibilities such as mechanical issues or faulty products. These liabilities could lead to a different type of personal injury claim. The findings could also redirect the blame for the accident.

Comparative Fault Rulings

Comparative fault rulings indicate that the victim played a role in causing the accident. It presents evidence of a violation on the water that defines fault. If the victim is deemed at fault by more than 50%, they will lose any possibility of a monetary award.

In Maryland, boating accidents can produce serious injuries for all parties involved. However, a common cause of these accidents is boating or operating while under the influence. It is these offenses that present the highest probability of a fatality. Victims of these circumstances contact a Boating Accident Attorney in Bowie MD or visit us for further details.

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