The advantages of installing a hosted VoIP PBX system

Small businesses still need advanced phone systems that have the same capabilities as those of larger organizations. When considering an integral communications system such as a phone system for a business, hosted VoIP PBX systems are an excellent choice. There are many advantages inherent in this type of phone system. By exploring the benefits, it is easier to determine whether or not this is the right option for the needs of your business.

Less Equipment

In traditional PBX phone systems, the actual PBX station is located somewhere onsite and needs to be very protected since it is one of the most central components of the business’ communications center. When selecting a standard PBX phone system, it will be important to decide where the PBX system itself will be stored. However with a hosted VoIP PBX system, the PBX service is hosted and so the equipment is stored off site. This is one of the major advantages that a hosted system can provide.

Easier Relocation

In the event that a business needs to relocate, hosted VoIP PBX offers added convenience. This is because there is no heavy and important equipment to move which makes the relocation affordable and less expensive. For a small or mid-size business that may need to relocate in the future, a hosted VoIP PBX system is an ideal choice. In addition, with a hosted system, all calls can simply be forwarded to the new location or to an answering machine without any interruption in service.

Ease of Installation

Busy offices need to have equipment installed as quickly as possible in order to avoid an interruption in the work flow. One of the benefits of a hosted VoIP PBX system is that it is easy
to install. All that is needed for installation is the Internet broadband connection and a phone line. This makes having a complete phone ready system a simple matter.

Taking these advantages into consideration makes choosing a hosted VoIP PBX system an easy decision. With so many benefits for a small to mid sized business, it is a clear choice that is more affordable than many of the available options on the market. It is important to find a trusted communications company that can host this service for you.

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