The Advantages of Being a Locum Tenens Hospitalist

When a hospital is short staffed and needs a qualified health care professional to step in quickly, they rely on a locum tenens hospitalist to fit seamlessly into the routine, ensuring every patient gets the same level of quality care.

Locum Tenens in Latin means in place of, or placeholder. In the health care industry, there are a large number of hospitalists who are choosing this career path. From retired hospitalists who want to continue working in the industry but don’t want to be committed to lengthy contracts, to those just starting out who might want to get their feet wet in various communities, a locum tenens position is a popular career choice.

A Way to Ensure Healthcare Staffing Needs are Met
Healthcare is one industry where it is imperative that there be adequate hospital staff on hand to deal with medical emergencies and offer proper patient care on routine rounds. Often, a locum tenens hospitalist is called in to replace someone on a maternity leave, or fill in while the hospital is searching for a full-time physician to add to the staff.

A Position That Offers Flexibility and Variety
Many physicians who work in hospitals choose locum tenens positions because they want variety or a more flexible schedule. They can take advantage of the fact that these positions are short term and provide higher earning potential. Accepting a position as a locum tenens hospitalist also offers the opportunity to work in new and exciting locations.

For new physicians, it’s a great way to gain experience in a range of medical settings to determine which area of expertise is best suited to them. They can use the positions as stepping stones on their medical journey. Older physicians may want the chance to gradually ease out of the workplace by completing their career in a hospital environment, perhaps in a community where they are thinking of spending their retirement.

Many Choices, Many Opportunities
There are many staffing companies that deal soley with locum tenens hospitalist positions. Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to choose their medical assignment including the location and length of contract. It’s a great way for hospitalists to explore the clinical arena and travel the country while doing what they love.

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