The Advantages Of Accurate Partitions For Minnesota Buildings

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Building Materials Supplier

In Minnesota, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, community centers and any other types of building, having restroom facilities that are safe, secure and offer privacy to users will be important.

When it comes to partitions for stalls or urinals, one company stands out from the competition. Accurate Partitions has been in business since 1957. They focus exclusively on the production of bathroom partitions for commercial buildings. The company offers an extensive lineup of traditional and contemporary styles designed to suit different décors and design options.

Options in Materials

Regardless of the type of material the Accurate Partitions are constructed from, they are built to be durable and stand up to the wear and tear of constant opening and closing. They can be made of solid plastic, stainless steel, powder coated steel or a phenolic. This is an incredibly durable material that is ideal in extremely challenging environments where there is a high chance of vandalism or attempts to deface or damage the doors.

With powder coated steel, solid plastic, phenolic or plastic laminate options there are different possible colors, perfect to coordinate with any facility colors. The stainless steel doors are a classic look that goes with colors or décor.


Different restroom facilities in Minnesota will enjoy the options in styles offered through Accurate Partitions. There are options that mount to the floor and the ceiling, just the floor or that are designed to hang from the ceiling.

Additionally, the company offers different styles of doors with the partitions. These include doors offering full privacy with just a very small space between the bottom and top of the doors and the floor and top frame. Other styles may offer doors that have greater clearance on both the bottom and the top while still providing full privacy for the user.

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