Hire an Experienced Lawyer for a Juvenile Criminal Defense Case in Maricopa, AZ

Every child makes mistakes, including breaking the law either knowingly or unknowingly. If your child got caught up in a situation and was with someone who broke the law, they could be charged as well. If they are charged, you will need to hire an attorney experienced in handling juvenile criminal defense cases.

When to Contact an Attorney

If your child has been detained by the police, you should contact an attorney right away to represent them. Your child may be scared and may unintentionally admit to committing a crime, especially if they have never been in trouble before. If you hire an attorney handle their criminal defense case in Maricopa, AZ, they may be able to keep your child from being charged with a serious crime.

Court Process

After your child is detained by police, they may be released to your care if the crime was minor. However, depending on the seriousness of the crime, they may be locked up until a detention hearing determines whether they will be detained without bail. If the crime is serious, such as murder, rape, or armed robbery, and the minor is between the ages of 14 and 17, they can be sent to the adult court system during a jurisdiction hearing.

If a good criminal defense case can be made for the minor, then the attorney may be able to keep the case out of adult court. If the case goes to the adult court, your child will be treated as an adult, which means they can receive the same sentences and be put into prison with adult offenders.

To find out more about getting your child help for their criminal defense case, go to visit us website for information about retaining a lawyer. You will need an experienced attorney to help defend your child if they’ve been charged with a serious felony.

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