The “4 Cs” of Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you ready to “pop” the question to your significant other? If so, there is no question that one of the first things you do is go shopping for the perfect engagement ring. This may mean selecting from Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Chicago, or Princess cut options; however, no matter the style, there are certain considerations to make when selecting the right stone for your loved one. The first four considerations are commonly referred to as the “4 Cs” and you will learn why they are so important here.


This is the general measurement that denotes the weight of the diamond, where one carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram. When talking about diamonds, this is the most popular term that consumers are familiar with. The fact is, size matters and in the case of diamond engagement rings, bigger does not necessarily mean better. You should consider the size of your fiancées hand, as well as your budget.


This is the characteristic that you should pay the most attention to when purchasing a diamond. The cut of the diamond you purchase will determine its brilliance and fire. When a diamond has been cut well it will shine brighter and have much more sparkle than a diamond that is not cut well.


This refers to the number of imperfections that are able to be seen in the actual diamond. The clarity can be categorized from completely flawless, which is signified by FL up to included, or I. For the majority of consumers, purchasing a diamond that does not have any obvious flaws would be sufficient. In most cases, small inclusions, SI, or very very small inclusions, VVS, are the types of diamonds that are purchased for engagement rings. In these rings, you can get a great value and not be able to see the flaws that are present without a microscope.


The color of a diamond is graded starting at D, for colorless, up to Z, for yellow. The majority of consumers will opt for a colorless diamond; however, you will not be able to differentiate a D from a G grading in color.

Purchasing a diamond takes much more consideration than just finding what you like. You should ensure that you are getting a great value for the budget that you have by using the tips that are highlighted here.

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